The Nature of Success

Do you have the courage to begin?

In this Podcast series, I’ll be asking you to step boldly into the fear and uncertainty that lives between where you are and where you want to be. So if you’re not ready to examine the full measure of your personal greatness, get out now! You’ve been warned!


The Bridge to Getting Everything.

Making it across is only the beginning.

The perilous journey to getting everything you want is fraught with uncertainty and fear. Yet, at the end is a most unusual surprise! In this podcast, you’ll learn the strange path there…and then, what’s next.


Making Business Networking Work for You.

The end of “Hey, waddaya do for a living?”

Why do so many people hate networking? Because they don’t understand its true purpose. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to establish instant rapport in any social situation to make networking work for you.


Rewiring the Stop Sign of Your Mind.

Knowing when red means GO!

As humans, we are addicted to safety. It’s wired deep in our DNA. To achieve true transformation, we need to overcome our genetic programming. In this podcast, you’ll find some great tools for moving forward when fear tells you to STOP!


I Know the Way Out.

Breaking free of self-imposed limitations.

Right now, you are stuck. It’s as if you’ve fallen down a deep hole. You say you want out, but are you sure? In this podcast, you’ll discover how to escape traps of your mind.


The World’s Most Important Question.

Re-opening the doors of unlimited possibilities.

What do you want? Our fear of not having our wants met has repressed our even knowing what our wants are. In this podcast, you’ll learn to open your mind back up, to rediscover your wants and see them as infinitely achievable!


Why I Love Failing and You Should Too.

Success is boring. Don’t get too caught up in it.

We all know failure teaches us the greatest life lessons, but it’s so hard to learn them when the grip of failure is around our throats. In this podcast, I’ll share my story of failure, how I made it work for me and how it can work for you too.


Taking the Selling Out of Sales.

Easy sales tips for non-salespeople.

Selling gets such a bad rap– mainly because most salespeople are truly awful at it. The key to making sales easy, fun and profitable is to do a 180 on the entire process. In this podcast, you’ll find a whole new perspective on sales.


Your Critic is Your Best Advocate.

Making criticism transformational.

No one likes the sting of criticism. Yet, rather than defend, justify or deny the critic, you can seek the gift within. In this podcast, I’ll show you how to turn critical words into the rocket fuel of your development.


Why Are There Movie Stars?

The concept of Attachment Marketing.

Movie stars represent an unusual similarity to how we purchase things. It’s part of our need to build relationships. We can’t help it. In this podcast, I’ll explore how to attach people to your brand…like it’s a movie star!


A Formula for Involving People in YOU.

Here’s a better way for seeking out new customers.

There’s a big difference between getting more customers and involving people in your company. When you involve people, they feel like welcomed friends. In this podcast, I’ll cover how to make involvement work for you.


Breaking Free Into a Whole New Universe.

True life transformation is not for the faint of heart!

Your beliefs have trapped you into this way of living. Stepping into greatness means leaving your current world behind. In this podcast, you’ll build the courage to leave your known universe and seek out greater ways of being.


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