The Value of Very, VERY Bad Ideas.

The only way to grow your business is through innovation. Just doing more of what you are doing already will never take you to the next level of success. However, innovative ideas, at first, will always sound to you like very, VERY bad ideas. Here’s some help in breaking the bounds of your own limited thinking.

Success makes you stuck.

Let’s say you are in the business of digging ditches. Yet digging ditches with shovels is all you know. To you, improving your business means buying larger and larger shovels. Your own success in your business has limited your thinking because of what has already worked for you. Innovation is unlikely because you are stuck in a shovel mentality. To step outside of that, you must abandon your own beliefs of what “works.”

What innovation requires.

The nature of innovation is change. Change requires the adoption of radical, non-intuitive thinking. Since you know you’re shovel-oriented, you can’t trust yourself to generate new ideas. You will need an outside influence to guide and open up your thinking. Seek out mentors, advisors, and people with a track record of the type of success you’re seeking, and make sure they are in radically different lines of work than your own.

Getting another brain in your game.

A mentor or an advisor, if they are doing their job correctly, will likely encourage you to take the kind of action that seems like a very, VERY bad idea. Your first impulse will be to resist them. You’ll say, “I’ve been in the ditch digging business all my life. You don’t know what you’re talking about!” And there you will be, back in the shovel mindset. Business as usual.

This is no bull!

Instead, surrender to their knowledge. Even if it doesn’t quite work out the way they suggested, taking any new action is imperative to opening up your mind for a new kind of success. Allow yourself to be guided to new and unrealized possibilities. Instead of failure, you may very well find yourself taken out of a shovel mindset…right into the magic of a bulldozer!

“It’s important to approach business like you approach life; a great adventure to be fully explored. Dan’s an amazing tour guide on that adventure.”

Dr. Suzan Starler

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