Getting the Quickest YES in Sales.

People tend to say ‘yes’ to those they feel attracted to, they like and to whom they feel a sense of familiarity. But can those qualities be generated?
It’s not as simple as, “You’re hot so I’ll buy something.” It’s a subconscious thing. We feel as if we have a connection with attractive people. When someone says, “Hey don’t I know you?” often times, it’s actually not a pick-up line. They really do feel as if they know the attractive person. They also seem friendlier and more trustworthy.
These three qualities, attraction, familiarity and friendliness, work in tandem with each other. Friendlier people seem more attractive. People with whom we share a sense of familiarity are also thought of as friendlier. If you’re ever out of town and see someone wearing a t-shirt promoting a local business or sports team, you feel an instant sense of rapport.
So promoting attractiveness, familiarity, and likability all help increase the ‘yes’ in selling. Here’s how to do just that:

Promoting Attractiveness

Seems like this would be the most difficult. Either you’re attractive or you’re not, right? In truth, attractiveness isn’t nearly as subjective as you’d think. The basis for attractiveness is rooted in symmetry. Having a pressed and well-fitted outfit balances it for the eye. Clean lines create a sense of visual ease. This makes well-styled hair and nails important for both men and women. Well put-together clothing and grooming sets an instant impression of attractiveness based on these subconscious cues. You are also considered to be smarter, more compelling, and trustworthy.

Promoting Familiarity

We trust those people who are most like us. We say ‘yes’ when we feel there are more similarities between them and us. To increase your familiarity, do your research before a sales meeting. Look on LinkedIn and Facebook. What do they enjoy doing? What’s their heritage? Where do they travel? Any or all of these points with which you can draw similarities between you and them will increase their trust in you. If you can’t do research prior to a meeting, look around their office. Find pictures or knick-knacks you can use to claim similarity. Are you both parents? Do you both have dogs? Do you like the same outdoor activities? Drawing comparisons between yourself and the other person creates instant rapport.

Promoting Likability

Have you ever met someone who you simply like and don’t quite know why? Usually, you’ll say they seemed friendlier than most people, but you can’t point to any one thing they did. Being likable has a direct correlation to showing genuine interest in other people. Notice I said genuine interest? It’s a lot easier to be likable when you aren’t faking it! Your likability increases dramatically when you show interest by listening intently to others. Often times, you may be interested but you’re not sending the proper messages to let them know. Look them in the eye. Listen for when their voice gets more emphatic or louder. Nod when it does. Their vocal emphasis is an indication that what they are saying is important to them. Your nodding is an indication back to them it’s important to you too. Mirror their gestures. Smile when they smile. Show seriousness when they do. Ask a lot of questions about their thoughts, insights and experiences in their business and in their lives. All of these nonverbal cues transmit a powerful message to the person with whom you are speaking. They see you like them and are interested. We tend to like those who like us…and we trust them more as well.

Promote attractiveness, familiarity, and likability the moment you lock eyes with a potential customer. It will not only increase the ‘yes,’ it will help promote a long-term and more satisfying business relationship.

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